Our Brokenness


So hey guys, it’s been a long time since I last posted (I have been mega busy lately with exams and going away etc) so sorry about that!  Having said that, I have just spent the last five days at a Christian camp called Momentum, which is run by the Soul Survivor Church in Stafford, England.  And it was an amazing camp with around 2-3000 other Christians all worshipping and praising in the same place, which is an amazing feeling.  If you couple this with amazing preaches by amazing preachers, you have an amazing 4-and-a-half-days.

However there is a subject that I want to approach that isn’t always covered in the depth that I believe that it should be, because they feel uncomfortable talking about.  And that is our brokenness.  When I was at Momentum, they played this beautiful called ‘Broken Vessels’ by Hillsong United, which comes from the ‘No Other Name’ album that I mentioned in another post (Cover Art- No Other Name).  Below is the video, in case you haven’t heard this song:

I think that most Christians are ready to admit that they are broken people that can only be made whole in Christ’s love, however what do we mean by the term broken, how do we explain it to someone who can’t comprehend what we see in Christ Jesus.

I personally think that the hardest thing to explain is that we have a personal relationship with Christ rather than believing in scientific theory, or in a God that is not in a personal relationship with us as humans.  But the great news is that we are in a personal relationship with a God that cares for us and loves for us, so much that he loved us even before we were born.  What does that mean for us?  Well as we are all broken people, it means that even though God makes us in his image, we are only human and we do make mistakes which causes our brokenness.  But God comes into our lives and weeds out the brokenness inside of us and fixes it so that we can be more Christ-like in all our ways.

Can we tell when God is a part of our lives?  Yes and no.  Sometimes the Holy Spirit manifests it in people and because we are human and we cannot withstand all of that majesty, it triggers a reaction.  This is can be seen in the form of tears, collapsing, speaking in tongues and many other forms.  But also God works in the peace and in the calm, where we don’t always see his input or we put it down to another factor.  But the thing that I always love to pray about whether praying for myself or others is that God in all his power can make himself prevalent in my life or theirs in a way that they cannot ignore.

They key thing to remember that even if you are low, God is always with you whether you think he is or not.  The best way that I remember this is in the ‘Footprints in the Sand’ poem, where in the toughest points of our lives, God carries us and in the good times he walks beside us.

God Bless

I’d love it if you could comment below, a time when God has been obvious in your life!


One thought on “Our Brokenness

  1. This is an encouraging and well written piece! I was touched by the truthfulness and reality which both came through the language you used and the perspective you have taken.
    Keep writing and keep seeking the Lord!


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