Cover art

So this may seem a bit of a weird thing to be talking about on this blog but hear me out.  Basically, if you don’t know cover art is the picture that comes up on your phone when you play a song, or if your a bit older it’s the picture on the CD cover.  I wonder how many people actually look and appreciate the cover art.  In case your wondering, normally I don’t.  But there are occasions where I sit back and think ‘that looks really cool’.

I thought that looking at the Hillsong cover art for their album ‘No Other Name’.  I thought that for a couple of reasons, 1- it looks AWESOME, I love black and white pictures, and 2- it’s  hidden meaning.  Let me hit you with the facts, we see on average 5000 adverts every day, that is on stuff like TV, radio, the Internet etc.  But how many do we actually remember? Almost none of them. We just tune it out.  But also its always something that we should have, new technology, new beauty creams that make you look younger, new toys, new things to look at, new things to wear, new things to go to.  How many of these do you remember?  Almost none.

But what if all we saw on these billboards was God,  be it in image or in text?  That’s hard to imagine.  What if every time you watched a YouTube video, or opened a webpage, or opened a magazine, or walked down the street, you saw God.  Well that’s what these billboards are proposing.  And the black and white?  That’s the symbol of pure, simple Jesus.

God bless

5 thoughts on “Cover art

  1. I’m glad you explained cover art Mark I do like to keep up with 2016 lingo. If you like black & white pictures you can always look at our wedding photos although I don’t think you would call it cover art!!


  2. Nice blog Mark – we share some taste there in black and white etc. You just made me feel old though because I am still mourning the loss of LP cover art – somehow 12 inches square really made for some classics… I was wondering how much we “tune out” God in daily life as you rightly point out(?)


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