So, its Easter time and its a time to reflect on what happened to our Lord all those years ago.  Why did Jesus die?  For us.  For our sins.  So that we could be forgiven for our sins.

Easter is a celebration, that could be argued is more significant than Christmas, but all that aside, what it means is so great for us who remain on earth.  Being forgiven for all our sins, for us as sinful people, is beyond what we can comprehend.  For example, I bet you can think of a friend or someone in your life who you feel let you down, betrayed you, or you feel that they haven’t forgiven you for something you have done.  But God , being beyond all our imagination, can and has forgiven us for all our sins.  And that’s why Easter is so great!

Christ has died.

Christ has risen.

Christ will come again!

God bless

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