Our Hope and Glory

Ok, there’s a bit of a story to this post.  Basically, I got a wireless speaker in the last week, and I decided to find some new tracks to listen to it on, I ran out of Jesus Culture to listen to…  So I decided to find some Tim Hughes (Apple Music YAY).  And I found this absolutely amazing song that really made me sit up and listen.

The song is called ‘Everything’ and its just amazing, the tune, the lyrics… I’m more than obsessed :-).

Why is this song so great?  Well I always believe that a good worship song should be able to encourage you whatever mood your in.

To list it, God is in our:

  • Living
  • Breathing
  • Waking
  • Sleeping
  • Resting
  • Working
  • Thinking
  • Hoping
  • Dreaming
  • Watching
  • Waiting
  • (Breathe)
  • Laughing
  • Weeping
  • Hurting
  • Healing

Whoever you are and whatever background your from, whether you think you have everything or think you have nothing.  Your wrong unless you know that God is with you throughout all these feelings/events/whatever-life-throws-at-you.  Because when God is with you, you don’t need anything else, because he is always with you.  And everyone seems to, in this day and age, want everything.  Well I have an answer for you, as God is everything, why not be with God?  Because you will need him at some point in your life, and as you get to know him better, you will feel more comfortable with him.

So what’s my message? Try and live life how God wants you to live your life.  What that means is stop worrying about the material everything and turn to God’s everything, that is when you will truly have everything.

God bless

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