New Year

So happy 2016 everyone!  Now I dont mean to sound repetitive because everywhere else on the internet is saying it but HAVE YOU GOT ANY RESOLUTIONS?

I’m never really one for resolutions because I often find that I give up on them after a few days.  So how can you set a resolution that you’re never going to keep?  Work something out that you are going to want to do, set a goal and something to motivate you by.  I find that motivators are often forgotten, but to me are often the most important.  It could be doing your goal with someone else, and giving up would be giving up on them?  Something to think about maybe?

The best bit about New Year is that it’s really important to look back and reflect on what has happened this year, what you’ve enjoyed, what you haven’t, the people you’ve loved spending times with and the people who you haven’t.  Make a list, mentally if you don’t want anyone to know, and try and change these things one by one throughout the year.  That way you can have an amazing 2016, with more of me winging your way!  Isnt that just great!

God Bless



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