God my Guardian

OK, let’s start with an apology; I haven’t posted for almost two weeks now.  And that’s really bad but life happens and I’ve been really busy with stuff really.  The worship music posts went well but I’m not really sure whether I should continue them because it feels repetitive, personally.  If you feel different comment because all I have to go on about success rates is the stats.  So I don’t really know what you guys are thinks so please let me know!  I also think the comments section is a great thing to have going, I have to approve comments, so you can’t just sit there and spam hate, because I will just block you (that hasn’t happened yet thank goodness and I’m praying it never will).  But if you feel like saying something or starting a debate on something I write, go ahead and say it (within reason obviously).  So, go and use the comments section, is what I’m trying to say…

So with that out the way I wanted to talk about some stuff that has made me think about God and how I think about him.  Can I just say this isn’t a Worship Music video this is just a how I’m feeling and it just is a standalone.  Basically there’s this great song called ‘Guardian’ by Worship Central (who are amazing, on par with Jesus Culture if you ask me).  But it got me thinking, particularly when I started thinking about the lyrics.  So the video is below, just listen to it because it’s an amazing song, but if you can’t just scroll a bit and you’ll get to my point.

I think my favourite line of this is:

You go before me

You’re there beside me

Goodness and mercy

Will always follow

Why? Because it sums up what I want God to do in my life right now (I am more cheerful than the guy in this picture!)  The picture below shows what God does in our lives to help us forward:


But why have I pointed out this song in particular?  Because it ties in really nicely with the poem ‘Footprints in The Sand’.  I absolutely love this poem, to the extent that it’s stuck up in my room so I can read it whenever I need to.  If you don’t know what Footprints in The Sand is the link is here: http://www.onlythebible.com/Poems/Footprints-in-the-Sand-Poem.html

Footprints in The Sand is saying basically the same thing as ‘Guardian’.  God is always with us and always loving us and sometimes people just need to remember that.

But why should you care?  What relevance is this going to have on my life?  Well I always say that reminding yourself that God is with you, there for you, loving you; can never be a bad thing.  Because God is bigger than all our problems and sometimes we need to be reminded of that.  Why do people lose their faith?  Mostly it’s because they don’t think of God and they don’t act in a God-like manner.  Having him in your thoughts is so important because otherwise you do trail away.

So as you finish reading this take a moment to stop.  Think about how God has impacted your day, and pray either for a better day or a day the same.  But also pray for guidance on how to be more God-like, because when you’re more God-like, you feel happier because it feels good.  It really does, trust me I try and do it all the time.

So do that, and try and keep it in mind as you go about your lives.  Challenge yourself to be not necessarily a better person but to be more God-like.

God bless



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