For The Sake Of The World

True to my promise, I have stopped talking about Jesus Culture, at least for now :-).  So I thought I’d introduce this song that I first heard the first time I went to a Soul Survivor (A festival for young Christian people, its good Google it).  I went with my church and the thing I love about this song is that it takes me back; the loud music, the prayer, the friendships, the laughter, the rain and the most amazing talks.  I will one day do a full testimony post, but to briefly sum up that year, I reaffirmed my life to God and I’ve never looked back, since then my relationship with him has been on fire.  And this song takes me back.  So the video is below, and if you can as your listening, just sit back, close your eyes and think about a time when something memorable happened between you and God.

So the chorus is:

For the sake of the world

Burn like a fire in me

Light a flame in my soul for every eye to see

So I came away thinking, how can I get God to burn, like a fire for him?  the answer was simple enough really; pray, worship and love others.  Sometimes I get the feeling that people only talk to me when they have problems  They come to me, I give them advice, they go away and don’t talk to me until they encounter the next problem.  And sometimes this really gets to me, and I sit at home and say why do I bother?  Why does this person who comes to me and just uses me get any of my time?  The answer to this I remember every time I hear this song.  God has lit a flame in my soul for every eye to see.  He is burning like a fire in me.  And people, consciously or sub-consciously must see that, in my actions, in my words, in my commitment to time to them and say I can go to this guy because he makes me feel special and feel loved.  And that is what having the Flame in your soul is all about.  It about showing everyone what Jesus is really like through your actions.  Because you can’t share his love through loudhailers or leaflets.  You share his love from how you, as Christians, act.  And that is what leaves a lasting impression.

So pray, ask God: ‘how can I have your light burning in me’.  Walk down the street and smile at people, if you see someone alone in the office or at school, go and talk to them, show people love.  Because that is what this song and loving Jesus is all about.

If you want prayer for anything, just comment below, or alternatively you have a song that you want to request, also just comment.

God bless


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