One Thing Remains

One of the things I like, surprisingly, is the title.  One Thing Remains.  What is that one thing?  If I went out on the streets, and asked random strangers, they’d assume it was a film about the Apocalypse.  But if you asked a Christian, they would hopefully say that the one thing is God.  Because he is all powerful whatever happens in our life there is that one constant, God.

Your love never fails

It never gives up

It never runs out on me

What I love about these lines is it reinforces what the Bible says.  Gods power is so unimaginable, that we cannot put it in proportion.  Because human love can run out, it has its limits.  But Gods love knows no bounds, it is unlimited and its available for every person on earth.  Whatever you are feeling whether your distant from God or if your just lonely or you just need reminding.  God loves you.  He always has and he always will.  Just know that as you live your life.  Pray to him, talk to him because he’s always there even when your friends and family can’t be.

If you want prayer for anything, just comment below, or alternatively you have a song that you want to request, also just comment.  I will also be doing the verse for December very soon, dont worry!

God bless


2 thoughts on “One Thing Remains

  1. Your blog is very inspiring Mark and very helpful. So good to have something true and positive to think about as we start the day. Every blessing


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