Merry Christmas!

So just to clarify, in case your living under a rock, it’s Christmas.  I’m really excited by this because it celebrates the birth of the baby Jesus and you get presents.  So two awesome things in one! Continue reading


God my Guardian

OK, let’s start with an apology; I haven’t posted for almost two weeks now.  And that’s really bad but life happens and I’ve been really busy with stuff really.  The worship music posts went well but I’m not really sure whether I should continue them because it feels repetitive, personally.  If you feel different comment because all I have to go on about success rates is the stats.  Continue reading

For The Sake Of The World

True to my promise, I have stopped talking about Jesus Culture, at least for now :-).  So I thought I’d introduce this song that I first heard the first time I went to a Soul Survivor (A festival for young Christian people, its good Google it).  I went with my church and the thing I love about this song is that it takes me back; the loud music, the prayer, the friendships, the laughter, the rain and the most amazing talks.  I will one day do a full testimony post, but to briefly sum up that year, Continue reading