Your Love Never Fails

I’ve put this one in a previous post because I love this song to absolute pieces.  Now I’m no musician, I used to sing a bit but I’ve basically stopped.  But this song, whatever I do makes me stop and sing and tap my feet and shout to the Lord.  Your Love Never Fails, by Jesus Culture, one of the best worship songs, I think ever written.

Why does this, fairly slow paced song, make me want to shout, scream, dance, cry all at the same time?  The answer is: I dont know.  Its just such an awesome song that just makes me feel so blessed to be alive.  Because it just makes such perfect sense to me, the lyrics, the rhythm.  But the closing line just hits me, even now, having listened to it hundreds of times:

You make, all things, work together for my good.

And its the truth, God makes everything work for our good, no matter what we think, and he works in strange ways, through people, in our minds, he is there.  Whether it is just someone smiling at you in the street or someone randomly calling you or anything, he has a plan and wants you to know that he loves you.  So I ask you to thank God for all the little things he does in your life, because you should worship him when things are going great and when they’re not.

If you want prayer for anything, just comment below, or alternatively you have a song that you want to request, also just comment.

God bless

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