Blessed Be Your Name

So  what I’ve decided to do is to create a mini series about what my  favourite worship songs are.  Some of them are quite well known and some you probably won’t have heard of.  But either way they’re great tracks and I’m going to create a Spotify playlist, and update it with the tracks that I put on here.  The link is in the left hand menu at the top of the page.  What i would suggest is that you get a Spotify account and follow the playlist so you can always get the latest music that I love.  I’m going to bulk it up for now and explain why I love them when I post.

The first song I love is an absolute classic, if you’ve been in a church like mine, or you’ve been to a big Christian event, chances are you have heard it and it is, of course, Blessed be your Name.  Even if you known the song upside down, inside out etc. I promise you this is the best version you’ll listen to.  Ever.  Promise.

The thing I love about this song is that it goes through every possible eventuality that you could come up with in your Christian life.  Whether your in the land that is plentiful, or the desert place.  Sometimes I personally find that I really need reminding who God is, and that he is always with me.  And this song just makes me want to sit down and sleep, because it reminds me how safe I am in Gods vast love, because I am and sometimes you just need a nudge to remind you of that.

These are going to be quite short, so sorry if you like the long rambly posts that I do, but I can hopefully do these quite regularly.

As this is thee first post I’m going to put the Spotify link in below, but please do get an account and follow the playlist as it will be easier as you can listen on the go, but dont feel you have to pay for it as there is a perfectly good free version.

If you want prayer for anything, just comment below, or alternatively you have a song that you want to request, also just comment.

God bless

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