Do we only worship God on a Sunday?

This is a topic that particularly when I was younger, and when I’m extremely busy.  How easy is it for us to let God take our lives and for us to interpret what he is saying and implement that in our lives?

Car seat plan

To help me describe where God should be I will explain the car seat principle.  We need to ask ourselves where God is in our car.  If God is in the driver’s seat, then great have a big thumbs up and pat yourself on the back.  Because God is in control of your life and chooses the way for you to go.  However God isn’t always in the driving seat, sometimes he’s sitting in the front passenger seat, giving directions that you sometimes listen to but sometimes don’t.  Or is he in the back seats.  If so where is he in those back seats, the one behind the front passenger seat that you can turn around and talk to if you need to?  Or is he immediately behind you the driver and can only get your attention by kicking your seat?  Or is he in the boot, where you can’t hear him when you need him to steer you out of danger?

If God isn’t in your driver’s seat, you need to ask what is.  Is it yourself, or is it a massive issue that’s taking over your life?  If that is the case, how do you put God back in that front passenger seat?  Firstly you need to work out what is in that driver’s seat.  You need to pray that whatever is taking over your life, that God can be there to stop the car and change the driver so that he can carry on steering his way through your troubles without you feeling a jolt.  Because he is the only one who can do it.  You may feel that your current driver is helping you, but ultimately they will tire and send you hurtling towards a crash.  Maybe you know that your driver is hurting you, maybe you’ve already crashed.  And you need to pray to God that he can come and save you because he will, he will put himself into that driving seat and drive you safely home, not because he has to, but because he loves you.

But God should be in that driving seat 24/7 and we reach my point.  God isn’t a Sunday driver, coming out once a week, pootling around annoying other road users.  He is the best driver there is, he gets you home safe, on time, every time.  And the only way to overcome issues and get closer to him is by putting him in that driver’s seat, sitting back and letting him take the strain.

Please leave a comment below; especially if you want to contact me about something I’ve said or something you want me to talk about.

God bless

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