Friends for me, as with everyone is a massive part of my life, particularly my friends at church.  I’m not sure why but I end up helping all my church friends through life, sometimes in big ways, sometimes in small ways but I find that this is the most rewarding type of friendship, when you can clearly see Jesus working in their lives.

Sometimes this is in really, really small things.  For example when I went to a Christian camp this summer, my friend lost her purse.  So naturally she asked me to pray for it as we went to the main service.  I was in a bit of a jokey mood so my prayer was: ‘Dear Lord, please let us find ******’s purse, and preferably shine a big light on it, so we can find it better’.  For which i got a jab in the ribs.  After the service it was dark but we all trooped to the tent and proceeded to look around, to no avail despite me holding the biggest torch I have ever seen (it was basically a mobile sun).  However it was when someone mentioned that it could be in the wrong tent that we split up and looked in others.  To our surprise when I blasted the mobile sun into another tent, there it was!

So that was a bit long and waffley, but hopefully you get the gist.  The purse was lost and then it was found, like the lost son (almost).   But what struck us was the fact that it seemed to fit so well, it was only by chance that we got the mobile sun, was there some higher intervention?  Some will argue that it’s just coincidence, that all of that was down to chance.  And sometimes some of my friends feel disillusioned with God, they text me or call me and say what can I do I feel God has left me.

What I do is simple.  Ask them about the last time they felt Jesus was truly, truly with them.  And ask them what do they think they’ve done since then that could have displeased God.  Then I say pray about it, I give them bible verses and I pray for them.  But being there for your friends is one of the most important things in life.  Because there is times when they go through loneliness etc, but for them (and me I’ve experienced this) having someone there who knows God and knows you really well makes all the difference.  So if there are people in your church that you don’t really know, talk to them, make friends with them, meet up with them, go shopping go to the cinema because these people will understand about God and what the Bible says more than your friends from the office or from school

I have my own testimony that I might share at a later date, but I can’t stress the importance of my church friends on my life.  I have a friend, whose parents I get on really well with, and at church I walked up to them and I said: ‘Guys, I just want to let you know that I’m praying for you and you guys mean a lot to me’.  And they said they felt the same way and it wasn’t at all awkward.  But the best bit for me was when they got home, and they said to my friend: ‘You’ve got a good friend there, and we hope you guys stay friends for years’.  And that hit me in such a way because that wasn’t said to me, that’s their own opinion of me, and its great to know that people think of you and say ‘yes, that’s a good bloke’.

todays has been a bit rambly so sorry about that, I might do a sequel at some point, I’ll see how it goes, but if you want to let me know what you thought or if you want advice about how to handle a situation, please comment below, and I will reply!

God Bless

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