So this is it, a new blogger on the stage spouting out more random words that may inspire, or irritate the hell out of people.  So why would someone want to do this?  The answer is simple, if I inspire even just one person to do something better for themselves or someone else then this has all been worthwhile, whether I do this for 2 days or 2 years or 2 decades.

So I’m here to inspire, how am I going to do that, you may ask.  Well as you can hopefully see at the top, the image is a bit of a give away.  Yes shock horror I’m a Christian.  And as a 17-year-old teenager, who spends a lot of time at a school in which the students prefer atheism to Christianity, you can imagine that I get a lot of stick for my faith.  Until a few years ago I didn’t tell anyone about my faith, I hid in the shadow of the cross and didn’t come out to show anyone about the amazing thing in my life which is the cross.  What changed my mind then?  If I’m honest I’m not sure, I’ve been to places such as Hillsong Church and Soul Survivor and I’m fairly convinced that it had something to do with that.  But there’s no hiding it, friends have definitely influenced how I feel about sharing the word of God.  I’ve had one good friend for about 6 years who has helped and inspired me throughout my Christian life.  However people joined church, knowing lots and knowing nothing and the position of being taught and teaching is one that pushes me onwards.

Yet at the moment I feel that Jesus is strongest he’s ever been in my life.  There are many reasons that my faith has grown stronger.  Personally I think that prayer is a key factor.  I’m not going to lie, I don’t pray all the time and it is by no means regular but the things that I have prayed for constantly have all become fact, friends and enemy alike, and I’ve found that even if one comes true at a time then its all worth it.  Most of the time I don’t tell the person I’m praying for, that I’m praying for them!  And I know that sounds counterproductive but I think prayer is a personal thing and doesn’t have to be shared because sometimes telling someone you’re praying for them sounds patronising and its a bit awkward because they don’t know how to react other than a half-hearted ‘thank you’ and you run out of things to say.  However its a free choice to each and every person and if you feel like you need to tell someone they’re being prayed for then go ahead and do it because at the right moment it can pick people up and push them on in their dark days.

People sometimes don’t know how to pray and when a good time to pray is.  The answer is different from person to person.  If I’m just having a pray about how today has been and how I hope tomorrow goes then I find that in the evening, just after I turn the lights out when I’m in bed is one of the best times, because you heart rate sows, your relaxed and its a natural reflection time.  Another thing I would also recommend is listening to some gentle worship music (‘set a fire’ and ‘sovereign over us’ works well for me) and just listening and reflecting on the day.  Often I find that I need to work out what I want to pray about as I’ve forgotten or it happened at the start of the day etc.

How to pray is a very personal question and it often depends on the circumstances.  If I’m on my own praying about my day then it’s often easier to pray in my head, however if I’m praying in a group or for someone then it’s often better to pray aloud, although this isn’t obligatory.

Although this doesn’t apply to everyone, I hope that someone out there has found this helpful.  Not everything I will put out is going to be about God, it might just be about life or how I’m feeling but I’m going to see where God leads me.

Please leave a comment below, especially if you want to contact me about something I’ve said or something you want me to talk about.


One thought on “Prayer

  1. Hey Mark, great first post!

    Some really good advice and insight on how to pray. Really hope that what you write here helps others to move forward with God. Prayer certainly is key to a relationship with God and coming to understand what he wants for us.
    Hope you keep it up!


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